Our Services

  • Consulting on the organisational implementation of MiFID
  • Consulting on all banking-specific aspects of capital yields tax (Kapitalertragsteuer)
  • Consulting for domestic and foreign investment funds
  • Taxation of derivatives
  • Consulting on all legal reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Consulting on restructuring
  • Consulting on structural considerations with regard to the impact of legal oversight
  • Development of compliance structures, systems and documentation
  • Submission of applications to the regulatory authorities for the licensing of new business activities and products
  • Analysis of the impact of particular regulatory changes
  • Performance of financial and tax due-diligence investigations
  • Analysis of strategic business models
  • Analysis of integrated, value-driven, medium-term business planning
  • Analysis of short-term and structural liquidity planning
  • Investigation of short-term, medium-term and long-term capital requirements