Our services

  • Statutory audits in compliance with UGB, IFRS and the sector-specific regulations of the Austrian Banking Act (BWG), CRR, the Austrian Securities Supervision Act (WAG) etc.
  • Conducting special audits
  • Audit of investment funds, VC funds, private equity etc.
  • Consulting for bookkeeping and controlling services
  • Complete or partial assumption of responsibility for internal audit with respect to all legal oversight requirements
  • Incident-related audits in the trading and lending sector
  • Audits of deposited securities in compliance with legal oversight requirements as regards the propriety of the depositary business and the fulfilment of securities delivery obligations
  • IT audits (IT applications, project-related audits, data security, audit tools)
  • Deposit audits in compliance with the regulatory requirements and the fulfilment of securities delivery obligations
  • Auditing of risk management systems